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acrylic, 2' square board later trimmed to arch, 1999/5/12, by Chris Wayan

Just a typical art-studio working day. The model was nauseous from taking the wrong pain pills and nearly threw up, and then a fire broke on the pier next door and we all had to run out, then back in when we realized the alarm wasn't for our building, and I got tired of just painting someone queasy so I mostly painted my classmates painting...

I'm hiding in there somewhere, but I'm not about to tell you who... Probably the blue shoe.

Life drawing class; model seated on blue and green cloths, art students and easels squeezed between awkward gray concret columns.
Isn't English great? You, who, blue, shoe... the same sound four times and not one of them is spelled the same! Ooh!

OK, OK, I'm through.

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