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For Them

Dreamed 1995/12/1 by Chris Wayan
a train crosses a lonely plain by moonlight

gothgirl in short black dress stares out train window, with raised leg, flashing the boy in the seat facing her. Click to enlarge. I was the misfit in our little town, but she was the rebel. She FOUGHT the fundies and bubbas. I admired her from afar, but she was fierce. Never saw her smile. I was too shy... And, well, I was leaving as soon as I saved up the train fare out of our little town, out of the flatland, into the world.

At last, one night, I bought my ticket to freedom. My compartment was nearly empty. Just one traveling companion, who ignored me, staring out at the stars.


I sit across from her. She's in a black vinyl mini, showing her tattoos. She has one foot up on the seat, forearm resting on her knees, head gazing out the window, pensive. Looks at me stonily and doesn't smile. I look down, unable to face her eyes. On her thigh is a dragon eating the moon. To the left of that... her skirt's so short I can see everything. I start to sweat. She's naked.

She sees me staring. She doesn't lower her leg or brush her skirt down to hide her pussy. It's glistening. I reach out my hand, terrified--as I'd NEVER dare--in our little town.

I touch the girl who flashed me; she lets me, but closes her eyes and won't look at me.
her labia smile, and her other tongue comes out and licks my fingers. Click to enlarge.

And her cunt moves under my fingers. It smiles in pleasure! Her labia purse like lips and kiss my hand! A tongue slides out and licks at my palm. Her cunt starts sucking at my finger eagerly till I tingle with heat and my cock is pointing right at her.

"She likes me, too--maybe she always did!" I think. "She just... she just won't smile UP THERE... for THEM!"

She closes her eyes and spreads her thighs a bit and makes a soft little noise and I melt all over.

And then I wake up.

I wake up screaming "Why, why, why NOW?"

And the answer comes in a mocking echo, and it's not her voice: "Cuz you feel you don't deserve her, Little Nemo!"
Two tall dryad girls flirt with Little Nemo but the Candy Kid fears they want to devour him.


I dreamed "For Them" just after reading Windsor McCay's "Little Nemo In Slumberland." This was the first major comic (started 1905!) to deal with dreams. Visually spectacular, with panoramic dreamscapes worthy of Dali, it ended every week with Little Nemo getting over-excited, falling out of bed, and waking up.

Nemo's a bit afraid of girls. In one story, he's a tiny doll made of candy; little girls flirt with him, find him sweet, but to him they're as big as giants; and his guide the Candy Kid warns they'll eat him up...

My dream clearly referred to that. But it suggests my issues with girls are a bit different. I liked being licked; I felt happy, excited, safe. I didn't dissolve away a bit.

But I just didn't believe I deserved it. Not yet!

I had paid my fare, and boarded the freedom train--I was in training--but training takes time. Those fundamentalist flatlands are wide.

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