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Get Their Attention

Dreamed 1999/4/24 by Chris Wayan

I'm walking in the city with my friend Linda and her near-wife. Two tourists walk up to us, dressed Midwestern. At first I assume they're a couple too, though one woman's in her forties, one in her twenties. But their faces are so alike I start to wonder if they're mother and daughter. But they ACT like lovers...

Are they... BOTH? I can understand sibling incest, but parent-child sex, even between adults, seems more twisted to me. Even in San Francisco.

The young one walks up to Linda and kisses her passionately, thrusting her tongue deep in Linda's mouth, ignoring her astonished mother, or lover, or both, whatever... Linda's so startled she does nothing, just gapes and takes it.

The girl asks lightly "Where can we go to meet other lesbians? Do you have any suggestions?" As if she just shook her hand! And Linda too acts as if it didn't happen--thinks it over, suggests some bars and the phone number of an organization or two. I feel suddenly sad and angry--none of my friends give ME such advice, list such resources.

But then... I haven't tried as hard as this girl did to get their attention, have I?


Speak up to my friends! When you have environmental illness like me, it's hard to get out there physically--so I have to be selective. And to get advicee, I have to be up-front emotionally! Tell them in NO TENTATIVE TERMS I want help finding a girlfriend and I don't know how or where to look.

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