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dreamed 2008/9/26 by Wayan.
A friend drags me off to a talk on beers.
"In the Land of Sky-Blue Waters, years
ago, a laid-off man named Hamm
brewed on at home. As he began

to starve, he made his breakthrough,
his Wunderbeer! From bitter brew,
he rose to golden foam--a meister who
fizzed up from dreg to head.

But a cunning financier then stole
Hamm's Brewery--hijacked control
and kicked Hamm out on the street."
So what? Aren't they both long dead?

"But I was lucky enough to meet
poor Hamm: the snowy Lakes he fled,
to beg now in my own neighborhood.
Saved by our East Bay weather good!

"Hamm begs on my (next slide please) street.
Under this (focus) bridge the Founder sleeps.
From this (click, advance) red steel
dumpster pulls his stale-bread meal."

I'm troubled the speaker names locales.
Sure, I could track down this poor
Hamm to help--or kill! Obscurity's your
best hope on the streets of Emeryville.

Our speaker means well, but enlisting us
may have endangered his own cause
(Hamm sandwiched--po' boy!--in mortal need)
quite as much as that banker's greed.

So think before you slideshow! Do you know
how foes may exploit your cry of "Shame"?
And some rare souls to lack and fame
are wed. Remember Poe.

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: the homeless, dispossessed founder of Hamm's Beer finds his holy grail in a dumpster.


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