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Box of Dreams:
Hank and the Bengal Tiger

Dreamed 2009/2/27 by Jenny Badger Sultan

Another animal encounter. My husband Hank and I are at a party. He's sitting outside. I go out and find him facing a tiger!

Acrylic painting of a dream by Jenny Badger Sultan: 'Hank and the Bengal Tiger'. Click to enlarge

I am alarmed--is this dangerous? I worry "Should I inform someone?" as I often do.

But Hank's a Leo. They're both big cats. They'll get along.

--Jenny Badger Sultan


Jenny achieves the strange textures seen here by using an old Surrealist technique called decalcomania--applying paint to one surface, slapping it down on another, and peeling them apart, leaving complex maze-like textures. You see it in the paintings of Max Ernst.

--Chris Wayan

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