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Dreamed 1984/6/16 by Chris Wayan.

An anima lighting the way through a dream labyrinth by just holding out her hand. A light appears on her palm. There's a girl in a cave
I won't listen to:
Wide-eyed, from
all darkness in.

Oh, I took her
gestured route--
But lonely is;
she lonely is.


When you're dreaming, and lost, and you meet a guide, do you ever ask "How does it feel to be an anima?" Guiding wonderful you through your spiritual development may be fulfilling, but really, it's just a job description. What about off the job?

It can be lonely, deep in the maze of the mind, when no one, including the day-self, really cares about you. Because they don't think you're a person.

Even Jung himself, who coined the name "anima", seemed to treat such personalities of the dreaming mind like the moving mechanical dolls on a huge, fascinating cuckoo clock.

And clocks don't feel.

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