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Dreamed 7/1/1996 by Chris Wayan

An alien, malignant spirit has deeply integrated with the soul of a willing human host. Together, they make a nasty sorceress.

She has a long-range political scheme--to train a little girl to serve as a sex toy, then rent her out as a child prostitute to officials in the corrupt political hierarchy here. Not for money--to use her as a spy!

She begins training the child by magically kidnapping little boys in the park, and making them fuck the girl--boys even younger than her, so she'll have the illusion she's in control, have a sense of power and even guilt--as if she's the abuser, because she's older: all of seven!

The Sorceress has no interest in the effect on the boys--they're tools, not people to her. But this backfires--she doesn't realize the same little boy dresses up differently and lets himself be caught over and over! The Sorceress never even notices.

He likes the little girl and their games. She sees him as her only friend. They've turned her abuse and scheming into love.

In a single year, he somehow grows from age two or three up to six--almost caught up with her now.

They start making plans to escape together...

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