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Dreamed Friday, August 19, 2011/8/19
by Aleksanteri Nevalainen


I read in the World Dream Bank a mention that some dream researchers consider smell and taste dreams rare or even non-existent. Mmm... could it really be?


I dream about being at home in what would be a beautiful Sunday summer morning if it wasn't for one thing-ľour 18-year old poodle had defecated all over the ramp by which cars go in and out. We are doing some cleaning with water jets, but the end result is a stinking mess of black water in some places. I carefully avoid stepping in the remaining, huge piles of poop.

After some other dreams, I wake up relieved. Ooh, that smell!


1: Due to age our old poodle has become quite time consuming, getting dirty in his own poo almost everyday. There's a distinctive reek in the enclosure he's in right now (dangerous to get him in bigger spaces since he's blind). The little creature has appearing in my dreams here and then.

2: Well, that was quite a bad smell. Seems like, after reading about how smells and tastes don't turn up in dreams, my subconscious took up the challenge! In another dream, I tasted my usual morning chocolate milk... which makes me wonder if visual dreams are so common because vision is what we value the most. If I was to guess, I'd say professional tasters and chiefs should have lots of taste and smell dreams if they could recall them properly. Who knows for sure?

--Aleksanteri Nevalainen

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