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I WON'T DIE TILL LOVE DIES Dream: a green mermaid who's the Love Goddess.

Dreamed 1981/1/21 by Chris Wayan


I asked my dreams what maturity or adulthood means to me. Strength, knowledge, responsibility? The clarity to act on true needs, not surface desires?


A round pool in a Roman atrium, cupped in a columned arcade, half sun, half shade. It's the home of a mermaid who usually doesn't let visitors get too close. But to my surprise, she invites me in to swim.

I gladly slip into the cool water. touch her, stroke her arm.

She tells me, "I won't die till love dies."

"I... I'm not sure what you mean."

She smiles and says "I'll live as long as human beings who can love still live."

I'm moved, but troubled too, and blurt, "You mean, as long as beings who can love still live. Humans aren't the only ones, you know!"

I know she means she's the Love Goddess, and so love's her field. Her expertise, not mine, and yet... I just won't accept that only humans can love! Other intelligent species exist already who can notice and appreciate others, and more are evolving.

Isn't she an example herself?


Well, I got my answer, straight from a goddess who should know. Maturity is the ability to love. This is what I must strive for.

Never mind all that other trivia--like, for example, being human.

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