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Kitsune (Fox-Girl) by Moonlight

Dreamed 2002/5/1 and painted 2003 by Chris Wayan

Im in a house made of Japanese slats and poles. I meet a cute redheaded girl Im shy with; I want to stroke her head. Oh. Shes a kitsune--a werefox. Of course!
Kitsune/fox-girl by moonlight; 2003 watercolor on leaf-shaped wood panel, by Chris Wayan. Click to enlarge. Face of kitsune/fox-girl; 2003 watercolor on leaf-shaped wood panel, by Chris Wayan. Click to enlarge.


That's the whole dream! But it felt complete. I just instantly liked her.

Both dream and painting were inspired by my friend Dawn's description of some fox-girls painted by Provincetown artist Jennie Ding.

This was an experiment in using the grain of unprimed wood to add to a painting's mood. It looks like watercolor but is really acrylic. If dilute, it sinks into the wood and spreads; if straight out of the tube, it sits obediently, allowing controlled details and highlights. Magic!

She came out rather feline, but then the girl in the dream was too.

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