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Lady Unicorn

Dreamed 2007/10/16 by Cindy Prince
cindyrellapr72682 (at)

THE DREAM Profile of dark-haired woman with a spiral horn growing from her forehead. Drawing by Emily Joy.

I was at the library where I work, chatting with a patron. We were talking and then she said, as if on a whim, "I think I'll grow my unicorn horn back now."

And she did! Her forehead starting moving and out came a beautiful silver horn.

Before I could do anything, I woke up.


I have many lucid dreams. Sometimes they amaze me and sometimes confuse me.

I've also dreamed of being an animal, and of animals talking to me. Is this one? Was she a unicorn who could look like a lady or a lady who could look like a unicorn?

--Cindy Prince, Jasper, Arkansas

Picture Note

Cindy tried drawing the dream but wasn't happy with the result. Not long after, Emily Joy sent me this image. I couldn't resist adding it, but it wasn't drawn to illustrate Cindy's dream, so don't take it as definitive.

--Chris Wayan

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