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The Last Word

Dreamed 2001/12/5 by Larry Vigon

December 5, '01 L.A.
David told me that I should see a
certain movie. I rented the film, and I watched
it on TV. There was a man, I have no feel for what he
was like or doing. There was a series of words appearing on
screen. As the movie went on, the words became fewer & fewer
as if leading up to one last word. At the same time there was a ball
forming. I can't recall how, maybe pulling from everything around it.
It was smooth & light gray, around the size of a basketball when it had
reached full size. Then one last word appeared on screen. Next I saw the
Earth from space. Then there was a giant atomic explosion, so huge that it
knocked the earth off its axis. The earth went spinning out of control, then
began crashing into the other planets, and eventually destroyed our entire
solar system. Then I wondered, What about all the souls that were to be
reincarnated, where would they go? Or does it matter to these souls at
all, are they on a different plane we have no conception of? These
souls were already exising in space; the Earth wasn't really
necessary in the grand scheme of things. These souls
would travel on to other solar systems or uni-
verses. I wish I could remember
that word.
Dream painting by Larry Vigon.

Source: Larry Vigon's book Dream, 2006. Unpaged (this dream's midway), dreams unlabeled (title added).


This dream was hard to transcribe; it's easier to cheat in handwriting, to stretch or crowd to make a line fit. I had to tweak the wording to re-create that circle with Web fonts. Apologies to purists.

But my difficulty taught me something. Vigon's own wording was odd, and more careful than usual. His earlier dream texts were raw; he made a point of it. But here, he had a circle to fill! A painter, his sensitivity to patterns forced him to back into writing with some of the care he always gives to visual effects.

Without that circle's brutal constraint, I think we'd never have seen that lovely last line.

--Chris Wayan

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