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Dreamed 1994/3/31 by Chris Wayan

I massage a stranger and find she's naked under a big black shirt. Dream sketch by Wayan; click to enlarge.

I feel lonely at school. No girlfriend. One warm spring day I find myself saying "Make a fool of yourself. You have absolutely nothing to lose." So I find a student who looks cute and friendly, and force myself to talk to her a bit. Then I start flirting--I offer to massage her. I expect her to laugh at this, but she says "sure."

She LIKES it. So do I. I just forget about all the rules in my head, and just enjoy touching her. Gradually, when the urges strike me, I lean on her and rub up against her like a lonely horny dog. Pet her, and beg to be petted. A total stranger!

Though clearly surprised, she's kind of charmed. She's wearing a big black shirt, but I start pushing my head up under it and kissing her inner thigh. She gasps in embarrassment--then looks around and lifts one knee to the bench, spreading her thighs enough for my tongue to reach her crotch. Under the shirt, she's naked! All the busy students hurry by on the way to their classes in real estate and information science. She strokes my hair as I lick her cunt. I'm simultaneously excited and relaxed, a wonderfully sexy feeling. I feel deliriously happy. I've found someone to love.


What triggered this dream wasn't sex! I massaged all my joints before sleeping. Especially my feet--lots of sensitive points that were locked away all day, in shoes, on hard city streets. They were tight and they loosened up a lot.

My body liked that as much as sex, and said so! And maybe yours would, too.

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