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My Drag-Queen Cousine

Dreamed 2012/4/8 by Chris Wayan

My extended family has a reunion in a huge department store in a mall. As a flag, we all wear at least a bit of magenta or hot pink. I meet some of my East Coast cousins for the first time. They're smart, and I privately hope some of the sexy ones will be single and datable--second or once removed. So far, no, not one. So I talk about songwriting and dreamwork; hoping for common interests at least. Nope.

One clique of guys in their twenties stare at me, creeping me out.

A mom & her ten-year-old daughter just walk around photographing people and displays and dummies. Not a bad idea, so I take pictures too, while I try to figure out the point of this reunion. Beyond boredom and discomfort.

But then the show starts! A float glides in--a miniature mountainous island on wheels. A girl in her early teens in a sequined blue go-go dress dances around the shore, then lounges on the peak and tells us her story--growing up misfit, the only drag queen in her school, moving to San Francisco...

She looks female, but her voice is androgynous; I'm not sure what physical sex s/he is. Until... she starts masturbating on stage! Slides her panties aside to reveal a slippery, excited cunt.

But she's still a drag queen--she loves extreme fashion, exhibitionism, scary heels, show tunes and glitter. And what's drag about, if not your right to be who your soul is, regardless of physical equipment? So yeah, she's a drag queen, thank you very much.

And I vow in the name of the Goddess to ask THIS cousin out.

Girl masturbates on a parade float; sketch of a dream by Wayan. Click to enlarge


My friend Cory tells "For Easter I went to a family reunion and met some pretty strange cousins... then I went to Dolores Park and stumbled on a drag queen competition with prizes for Hunky Jesus." Yep, men impersonating men, that's drag...

Then my friend Lily teases me "When I met you, you wore a blouse! I wondered if you were a drag queen." I find myself saying "I'm fashion- and gender-blind. I like bright color, and guy's shirts are dull. So I end up in yard-sale blouses without even noticing. More clueless than drag."

But my dream seems to think that IS drag--dressing (and acting) however gets you hot, ignoring others' judgments.

But I posted this dream not for its thoughts on drag (or dating) but on dreamwork. Experts say dreams refer to issues brought up that day--but this one didn't! It was about tomorrow. I don't see how dreams can anticipate events like this, but this isn't the first time mine have.

So if a dream truly baffles you.... wait and see! As Ringo Starr said, "Tomorrow never knows."

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