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39K, 1999; penciled collage of dream characters by Chris Wayan

The cover of a collection of 11.5 dream-tales in glorious detailed Web-unfriendly black and white.... It's a batch I'm proud of, and the Net just don't do delicate high-resolution art justice, it has to be seen on real paper, yes tree-bones, that five-thousand-year-old technology... either order it from me, or demand it from your library or bookstore. Yeah, sure they'll have it--fat chance.

Who are all these weirdos?

picture of a sleep lab run by dream-creatures themselves. Click to enlarge.
2012 NOTE

Well, I've just finished a full-color version of all those pencil pages and titled it Dreamtales. Part Three (of six) is Open your Cage. But I haven't started seeking a publisher. Interested? My email's below. I answer slowly, but I do answer.

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