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OPEN YOUR CAGE end title

39K, 1999; penciled collage of dream characters by Chris Wayan

The cover of a collection of 11.5 dream-tales in glorious detailed Web-unfriendly black and white.... It's a comics collection I'm proud of, and the Net just don't do delicate high-resolution art justice, it has to be seen on real paper, yes tree-bones, that five-thousand-year-old technology... either order it from me, or demand it from your library or bookstore. Yeah, sure they'll have it--fat chance.

Who are all these weirdos?

picture of a sleep lab run by dream-creatures themselves. Click to enlarge.
Introduction to 'Open Your Cage', a dream-comix collection  by Wayan. Dream-creatures tell their stories on a road through an alpine meadow. Click to enlarge.
2012 NOTE

Well, I've just finished a full-color version of all those pencil pages and titled it Dreamtales. Part Three (of six) is Open your Cage. But I haven't started seeking a publisher. Interested? My email's below. I answer slowly, but I do answer.

2017 NOTE

The Net's faster, screens are sharper, and rather than fuss about hardcopy publication I'm putting all the tales in Open Your Cage online, as part of Dreamtales.

In order, they are:

Cecy's Submission, Two-Headed Beast, Don't Get Upset, Trusting Foxes, Under the Fur, A Golden Key in a Cheap Light, Spirography, Ascent, Perissa's Reserved Seat, Man with the Guitar, Bay Window, Bonk Veronica, Dome

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