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Nondream song lyric by Chris Wayan, August 1998

Listen up, you rebellious gumballs
Pissed at Christians naggin' you to be humball,
Satan's no rebel, he's their backup trick:
He's just Jesus with a bigger dick.

Satan forgive me for what I must do--
You regress us, so let's regress YOU.
Think back--you were happy!
You were the love-god Pan!
Now, a Christian draftee,
you're bass man in their band...
Just base man
In their band.

Oh, and by the way, did you really think
there were TWO angels nicknamed Nick?
who both dig bright red bodysuits?
who both know all your deep desires?
who both emerge from a place of fires?
who both offer candy if you'll just do their thing?
(You EVER seen those two at the same party? Huh?)

"Santa is Satan" is my obvious drift:
They both tempt you with capital gifts!
(Our salesmen are standing by
in rotating shifts)

Well I think capitalism
is just old Satan's jism.

HEY, KIDS! To piss off mom and dad,
and show employers you've gone bad,
Find something truly sub-verse-sieve:
A faith that makes you want to live!
To cause your leaders' balls to bleed
Go learn to fuckin' think and read--
And be a Pagan.
(Or else throw out religion and be Carl Sagan...)
Oh, and eat like a vegan.

But forget poor old
Sad... bad... co-opted

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