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Saw Her in Half?

dreamed 2008/8/28 by Wayan

My friend Chub's a sorcery student. Not
show-magic. I mean miracles, taught
by a brilliant surgeon-sorceress who
tomorrow plans to saw a girl in two--

a fine old stage tradition. But for real!
A sterile saw, and pads to mop the gore.

The girl to be sawn is a little blonde waif
always in Alice-in-Wonderland frills.
She's been chronically tired and ill,
anemic, angelic... vampire-pale.

But what a jagged bloody cure!
"Surely not in HALF!" I roar.

"Your teacher's famous for her skill,
but cutting the spinal cord's final!" We
squabble till Chub admits "I'm unsure
she said "hack the spine". Maybe she'll

just gut her side to side and cunt to chin."
Still sounds to me like sin.

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: a small girl dressed like Alice in Wonderland uneasily looks at a large saw.


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