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300 x 500. Tarot card, 3x5", 1978-1981 by Chris Wayan

When the Tarot card "Caring" comes up reversed, you get this crucified guy floating over your bed, and you say "Get outa here!" and try to push him away... but he just won't. Do you punch him out for invading your bed? What DO you do with aggressive guilt-trippers who truly believe they're right?

Oh, and how about when the guilt-tripper you disagree with is your own conscience?

Mark Twain wrote somewhere that "Huck Finn" was meant to show just how wrong your conscience can be... poor Huck was trained by the best to think he'd burn in hellfire, if he helped free his friend Jim, for that would be the sin of stealing. Consciences can be mere brainwashing.

Not always, of course--but when they float over you, with divine stigmata and biiiiig sacrificial puppy eyes, and you just want a little sleep... well, it gets hard to tell.

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