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(the Chariot): 29K, 300 x 500. Tarot card, 3x5";
from a 1979/4/17 dream by Chris Wayan

I dreamed I was at a circus, and a grumpy greenish little Scotsman came out riding a tiny buggy, a "sulky." It was pulled by a playful black horse who was all that he wasn't--lively, sexy, loose, friendly, clowning with us all.

Only one problem: she was still tied to him, pulling him around! And I wondered--had her clowning been a safety valve, so she hadn't fought him for her freedom? Maybe she needed to face her bondage before she could free herself.

I wondered how long it would take....

It always did bother me on the traditional Tarot card that two sphinxes pulled the Chariot, like sphinxes are slaves or animals. Grrrr. Made me want to bite someone. Someone in a chariot.

By the way, the name of both the carriage and the feeling comes from the Scottish word "solk", related to "solitude." Sulking is NOT pouting, then, not an appeal for attention, as social people often assume--just the opposite! It's a need to be alone--by sulking, you drive off others, to get some emotional elbow room, so you can learn what you're feeling. It's not negative at all--unless you listen to all those extraverts out there.

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