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28K, 480 x 600, ink line drawing 1982?, digital coloring 1998 by Chris Wayan

Two Inuit were talking of sun and moon and birds and little ghosts who sneak up on you...

Wait, that little spook on the left isn't Inuit--it's a Hattifattener, one of Tove Jansson's lonely creatures, who only live fully when charged by lightning... I didn't recognize what I'd drawn when I drew it, even though I grew up reading her Moomin books, all haunted around the edges by Hattifatteners and Grokes...

two Inuit talk, in a style like an Inuit print

The style is meant of course to be a digital tribute to Inuit lithographic prints with their subtle color gradients.

I'm not subtle.

LISTS AND LINKS: Native Americans (Inuit) - Tove Jansson - ghosts

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