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Vera and her Pride

Dreamed 2005 by Crimson Sacrifice (Bethany Sellers)

Vera is my furry alter ego. These are Vera's pets... nameless for now... they are based on a dream I had, of...

An old cat
A young cat
A fat cat
A cuddly cat
And two cats in love.
I'm still not certain what they represented in the dream, but this is as close to how they looked as I can remember.

(Grins) Vera was wearing this really awesome fur cloak as well...

Line drawing by Crimson Sacrifice of her dream: Vera, her alter ego, a busty biped feline with horns, is surrounded by half a dozen horned cats, from kitten to lion-size, representing parts of her personality.
DREAM NOTES Now... to think of their names!

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