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Maxine Kumin

Poet Maxine Kumin has always incorporated a lot of dreams in her poetry; the following are just examples out of dozens. She won a Pulitzer Prize for her collection Up Country in 1970 and she's just as intense today as she was then. Our Ground Time Here Will Be Brief (1982) and Selected Poems, 1960-1990 (1997) are two large collections of her poetry. She's also written several mysteries.

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HOW TO SURVIVE NUCLEAR WAR: by Maxine Kumin; early 1980s, a dream poem.
In Japan, sick in bed, reading a book on radiation sickness, I dream of a restorative ritual for trees...
THE INCEST DREAM: by Maxine Kumin; 1979? a dream-poem
As my brother was dying, I had a series of vivid premonitory dreams about him. But I was unprepared for...
THE LONGING TO BE SAVED: by Maxine Kumin; 1980? a poem based on recurring nightmares
I save our horses from a fire, but they run back in. Then it's
my family I must save from themselves. At last, it's my turn...
THE THIRTIES REVISITED: by Maxine Kumin; late 1970s; a dream-poem
Dreams of my childhood--bootlegger dad, critical mom, gun-
happy uncles, slaughtered squirrels, slaughtered Jews...

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