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Women Dreaming-into-Art

Women Dreaming-into-Art: Seven Artists who Create from Dreams by Patricia Ariadne is a 2006 study by this therapist of... well, you read the title. Below are examples. Definitely more vivid than the average dream!

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ABORTION, SUICIDE, REBIRTH: by Christine Downing; 1974, a suicide dream preventing a suicide!
I was pregnant with a child not my husband's. I wanted to leave him, but not to join my lover;
I was done defining myself through men. Nor did I want the child. I got a knitting needle, and...
BLACKBIRD: by Anna Halprin; 2002-2005?, a recurring dream of a spirit guide.
At first I was afraid of the blackbird, who asked me to come away with him--I wasn't ready to die--
but now I see him as a friend and guide. One day when I'm ready, we'll fly--and I won't be back."
INTERNAL SCROLL: by Carolee Schneemann, 1975, an embarrassing dream acted out on stage
I dreamed I was pulling a scroll out of my vagina and reading it like a tickertape. I was
reluctant to perform the dream--I knew I'd get into trouble!--but I felt compelled...
KORE: by Ann McCoy; 1986, a dream of the Goddess inspires an epic drawing
My guide to the archeological site was veiled, but soon she revealed her scales
and gills. A little girl led a procession in, to reconsecrate the Temple of Isis...
THE MADONNA SPEAKS: by Carolee Schneemann, 1971; a Goddess-encounter dream
The Labyrinth of the Madonna's Tears provoked a dream of the Goddess telling me
"My forgotten sanctuaries are all around you now. You have only to see with your own eyes...
NEW LIFE: by Deena Metzger, between Sept. 1982 & Sept. 83, an apocalyptic dream
Nuclear holocaust. Outside, an ashen waste. I decide to cut my wrists in the tub. But a corpse already fills it.
A man drives up. A voice commands "Make a child!" I protest--the world's gone--but the voice says...
SISTERS' PSYCHODRAMA: by Christine Downing; before 1986, recurring dream of a Hadean abduction
In psychodrama, my sister/lover did a happy childhood scene--till the actors took her
down a trap door into the underworld. And I knew I'd have to go down after her...
TAMALPAIS: by Anna Halprin, 1979, a dream inspiring annual healing ceremonies
A murderer was stalking Mt Tam. I dreamed I met the murderous spirit; only
by allying with small dancers from inside the mountain could we defeat it...

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