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Adorable Cyborgs

Dreamed 2016/10/5 by Wayan


I watch back-to-back BBC shows--first Call the Midwife, set in postwar Britain just as Gagarin goes into space and thalidomide causes a wave of birth defects that the midwives are first to notice...

Then a mystery, Murder in Suburbia, starring Caroline Catz (reserved feline brunette) and Lisa Faulkner (earthy, feisty blonde) as detectives who spend half their time complaining that they can't get laid. Which, since they're both gorgeous, seems absurd.

Hmm. The acting's as good as in Midwife, but somebody get these two a better script!

Photos of BBC actresses Carolyn Catz and Lisa Faulkner. Caption: 'Britain's smart, sassy, detective duo.'


Two cyborg trios share a San Francisco home:
reserved feline brunettes; earthy feisty blondes.
From the future or the stars? Now stranded on
Dark Age Earth--passing for human. Not.
The Cats were made to pilot starships; find
our wildest systems kitten-simpleminded.
The Blondes are different; I don't know
their field back home, but they too are so
bright they earn tech-cash easily.

I find them adorable. Bodies, auras, minds. Vive
la Borgérence! Alien's a relief to Asperger me,
a Gulliver webbed by Lilliputian threads--your
myriad human conformities. But with galactics
shipwrecked, a geek can relax.

Though cyborgs don't eat. Their GI tracts
got deleted. Complex, a weighty waste;
or so the makers felt. I watch a Catz
refuel: injects a tube of goo in a wrist-
port. Just like a human toothpaste
tube; for it is. Marketed--mint-green--
by earnest Borgnomes in their Alpencaves.

It will clean human teeth--but 'tis
a double agent: secretly the fuel
for that global alien skein of anthropol-
ogists Goodall--mad all--though brave--
and Frisco castaways. Warily I taste
the paste. So VERY mint. My tongue
whispers "Safe as advertised, just
not food. For me."

Their fueling's so robotic. Gets me glum.
Do they even taste, smell? My sensorium
may be passé. I long, but is my lust
pointless? Does the future fuck? Jettisoned fun
too, as quaint mammalian dead weight?

We're asked to rescue hostages sealed
in a dank bunker deep beneath the Bay.
A precocious little girl insists if they
burrow a tubeworm path in baymud floor,
they can secure the Nautilus chamber before
jailors turn and fire. She dreamt the writhe,
and has a solid track record: quite
a psychic dreamer. These

pilots only debate if she's mapped the route
so well they can worm in accurate to the foot--
or if our dream-shrimp must be on the spot
to course-correct. Metal and flesh agree not
to risk her, but she says she must. Fulla spunk,
hungry to spelunk.

Snaking her worm-route, we blunder on two mud-
preserved bodies. Cyborgs encysted! Pilots, lain
mudsealed decades. Centuries? Surely even they
could not endure. But cyborgs could, if anyone.
Two Lazaroid lives perhaps re-begun
by girl tenacity.

Will the sunken dreamers wake?
    Will the drillers break
Into the hostage chamber,
    free those undersea?
As Dreamgirl guides the Subterrene
I tangle in bed. Not seabed. Me bed.
    Damn! Awake.
Montage of actors Carolyn Catz and Lisa Faulkner. Caption: 'San Francisco's smart, sassy cyborg sextet.' Click to enlarge.

A cyborg star-pilot injects green fuel into her wristport. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge

Little girl guides a Subterrene through the muddy floor of San Francisco Bay to rescue undersea hostages. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Little girl guides a Subterrene through the muddy floor of San Francisco Bay to rescue undersea hostages. Dream sketch by Wayan.

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