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The Ashe Sisters

Dreamed 2010/1/26 by Wayan

My two moms run a fabric store here in San Francisco. We buy and show orginal fabric art made by two pale, cute Goth girls. They sign their stuff "The Ashe Sisters", but it may be just an art name--they seem more like lovers than sisters.

We pay them a different rate for each piece. This guy we know, who's a union organizer, gets upset when he learns that--says "You're exploiting them! You should pay them a salary, per hour--don't you know the history of garment-making included terrible struggles to get away from piece rates?"

But their art's so diverse it makes no sense to treat it interchangeably. Can't pay for unique pieces as if they came off an assembly line! Art just isn't shopwork.

Now the Ashes send us their new promotional poster. How strange! They pose with urns of flowers and samples of their cloth draped all over. But they're nude... I guess. Ash-gray, paling to near-white on throat, breast and belly, darkening to charcoal on their flanks and back. Short plush fur, not skin! And now I notice that those odd ribbed fabrics they've draped round them aren't fabric at all: batlike wings!

What ARE they, exactly? I still think they're sexy. But I wonder how much of their grayness is just nocturnal pallor, how much is their species, and how much is a judicious dusting of ash because they like a Goth look?

Sketch of a poster seen in a dream by Chris Wayan. Two grayish, furry, batwinged girls sit nude amid fabrics vases and flowers. At top, their logo: 'Ash Sisters: Custom Fabric'. Click to enlarge.
Sketch of a poster seen in a dream by Chris Wayan. Two grayish, furry, batwinged girls who call themselves the Ashe Sisters.


Off to a doctor's appointment. The waiting room isn't full, but one patient stands near the door for over half an hour, never sitting down. A tallish slender Southeast Asian girl, she's very attractive, but with the most peculiar face--like the Ashe Sisters, she has an upturned, slit-nostril nose like a pig or a bat!

OK, glad that's explained. I was just sketching from life again... one day ahead of schedule.

Sketch of an upturned piggish nose seen in a dream by Chris Wayan--and again the next day in a hospital.

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