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Dreamed 2017/5/14

THAT DAY Promo poster for 'Colossal' starring Ann Hathaway.

I go see Colossal, a surreal, psychological monster movie. Ann Hathaway's a drunk who, if & only if she steps into a certain childhood park at a certain time, apparently manifests an echo of herself in Seoul--a monster stomping around blind, inadvertently killing people. Understandably, it take her a while to really believe it. At last she shows her bartender boss--unwise, since he's a drunk too--a MEAN drunk. He blackmails her with threats to stomp Seoul, and his demands escalate steadily, brutally. In the end the only way she can stop him is to go to Seoul hoping the effect works the other direction too. It does--at ground zero in Seoul, she manifests as a Godzilla in her hometown park; and she kills him.

That'll sober you up.

The plot is no more logical than a dream--Seoul's still crowded despite repeated attacks, and she just strolls into the danger zone. But if you accept the dream-logic, it works emotionally and metaphorically.

And the acting's brilliant. Hathaway's a charmer in denial who slowly faces up to her responsibility. And her enemy's SCARY. Petty resentment magnified becomes horrific. His determination to drag everyone down to his level is just what Trump has exploited on a Godzilla scale.

I wonder if Colossal's insane premise came from a dream? A surreal, punning dream. I mean, the film sure proves that booze and nursing grudges will both destroy your Seoul.

Still from 'Colossal' showing Ann Hathaway in human and monster form.


I'm in bed with Ann Hathaway from Colossal. I like her, her body's hot, but it all feels wrong--I can't read her aura, tell what she's feeling except from human cues--my second sight feels nothing--like she's a blank.

Am I blind? Or is it her, is it the booze? Was her flame drowned in beer? Feel like I'm in bed with a zombie. And yet physically so sexy; she starts masturbating and I turn around in bed to lick her and she absently says "Yeah..." and then nothing else. Her clit's warm & alive, but... with no aura, I can't tell what she's feeling, what works, what doesn't. Didn't realize how MUCH I rely on my sixth sense in bed!

Without feeling HER excitement, I'm turned off--erect, it feels too good physically, but somehow I'm just going through the motions.

I feel not just disappointed, but guilty, like I've failed her. What's going on here?

69 with Ann Hathaway as the alcoholic in 'Colossal' doesn't go so well--we turn flat. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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