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Bad Nose!

42K, 600 x 400, digital picture by Chris Wayan, 1990

It's awkward being psychic--it makes me shy. I see too much inside you to be very good at seeing your skin. People inevitably feel invaded by my big nosiness... when I'm not even curious--I just don't know exactly where these boundaries ARE, that I should be honoring, that I shouldn't be seeing beyond.

And so... I tiptoe around, waiting for the rattlesnake-bites of people defending, quite understandably, their territory. Their secrets.

Their own insides.

 a huge, angry snake about to bite off the intruding nose of a psychic

I suppose it sounds silly, claiming that ESP can lead to social confusion rather than skill. But it's often true. I guess the best analogy I can make is...

Occasionally a blind person, even someone blind from birth, can be "cured." Hurray, they can see! The trouble is, they often have a horrible time orienting themselves. Too MUCH data, and no context to put it in. It can take a very long time to adjust, and some people can't. They lose their sense of trust, both in the world and in their own senses.

So it can be with ESP. You live with conflicting, overlapping worlds--the one others tell you about, that they expect you to see, where people stop at their skins and you "can't" see their motivations and secrets... versus the world you really sense. Having grown up with this double vision, I can at least orient myself and stay out of trouble, but socially... it's very, very hard not to say too much. Or too little.

And get my nose bitten off by venomous creatures just defending their own privacy.

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