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Dreamed 2011/4/21 by Althea

I had a nightmare shortly after going to bed in which an intruder first broke a hole in the gate of the front patio at my mom and dad's house, then came up to the glass door. Dad was there trying to protect me but all he was actually doing was blocking my way as I tried to back away from the window, which I knew was about to be broken.


After a restless night I got up at 4 AM, went to my car to drive over to my art studio, and found my car window had been broken by thieves.

I think the part about Dad was because he was always trying to get me to lock my car so it would be safe. If I'd left the door unlocked I might have avoided the damage.

One consolation--all they got was a bag of stinky gym clothes.



Some readers open-minded about telepathy may find clairvoyance harder to swallow, since there's no 'camera' or 'transmitter' mind; and some of you open to telepathy and clairvoyance may balk at predictive ESP, with its potential for paradoxes.

But Althea's dream shows how unclassifiable real ESP experiences can be. To Althea the dream looks predictive, but what if she dreamed this during the car-burglary, or even after? Clairvoyance, then. What if Althea picked up the burglar's intent? Telepathy. But whether we label this telepathy, clairvoyance, prediction or plain chance, two constants are indisputable:

  1. However it got its news, the dream was correct. Althea had in fact just had a break-in.
  2. The dream offers useful information--not how to prevent this break-in, but the next. The discrepancies between the dream and the event seem to Althea (and I'd concur) to be signal not noise, the message being "the habit of always locking up I learned from my dad may be counterproductive."
Even if you feel this dream's not predictive, it's hard to deny it's forward-looking; for it advocates action. Though that action is a paradoxical "loosen up!"

--Chris Wayan

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