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The Cat

Dreamed 1991/9/24 by David B.


At night, my dreams are filled with conspiracies, chases, terrorist attacks. Policemen, spies, and bandits meet me for weird shootouts. In my sleep, I find once again my liking for gangster stories and dreaming morphs my daily life into a police investigation. The repetition of these themes made me want to draw those dreams. I love their chaotic and poetic structure. I love their mysterious logic. I love their enigmas without solutions. Each of these dreams is a chapter in my dark novel.

--David B.

Dream comic 'The Cat' by David B. Dream comic 'The Cat' by David B.

*the Maeght Foundation: famous modern art museum on the French Riviera

This is from Nocturnal Conspiracies: Nineteen Dreams by David B. (Futuropolis 2005; English version, NBM 2008)

Sculpture of a prowling skinny cat, by Alberto Giacometti.
Giacometti's cat

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