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Cat Speaks Armenian

Dreamed 2019/5/17 by Wayan

Lioness communicates in Armenian speech balloons! Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

On a hilly uptown street I see a huge, beautiful cat. Not a leopard, no rosettes; tawny, but too small for a lion. Gracile (lightly built) like a cheetah, but with a bigger head. A puma? But with a lion-mane--or like human long hair.

No one else seems to notice her. Strange! Follow her and ask passers-by. Yep. They're all blind to her! Or, or course, I'm hallucinating--insane.

But later I'm visiting a middle-aged friend. Fetching something from his dark windowless basement, I run into the big cat again! She's just leaving, but she turns, and calls to my friend in another room. What language is that? Sounds kind of like Inuit.

Strangely, her words hang, visible, in the air--a speech balloon full of weird script like Armenian.

She pads out.

From her teasing affectionate tone, I know: they're lovers! I feel disappointed she's not single, and jealous he met her before me.

But I feel encouraged, too: I wasn't hallucinating her, she's real, and she's not just an impressive, gorgeous animal, but a person, AND she's open-minded enough to love a human! So even I can hope to find a feline girlfriend.

If I keep my eyes open. And believe them.


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