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1990, digital portraits of recurring dream-figures, by Chris Wayan

I've repeatedly dreamed I'm in a mixed-race family--horse, centaur, and human. As a result, we kids vary a lot. Usually we live by the sea; we were like the family in Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse." Well, okay, not EXACTLY like them...

Two sisters of an equine/human mixed-race family gallop on a beach at sunset, one a centaur, one bipedal but tailed. Click to enlarge.
Anyway, the three of us on the beach are siblings--we just favor different parents. It's frustrating for Silky, the only sister without hands. She's a brilliant musician, but with a human mind in the body of a horse, she can only sing... unless you count the kazoo.
Siblings in an equine/human mixed-race family walk on a beach at sunset, one a talking horse, one centauroid.
(I based these digital paintings on resort-ad photos of riders on beaches. Kept the layout and light, just fused the riders and their mounts...)

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