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A recurring dream (like 1987/1/9 I'm a Krelkin) of a multispecies clan;
digital/pencil sketches 1998-2002, by Chris Wayan

I repeatedly dream I'm part of a mixed-race family. Usually we live by the sea--we're like that family in Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse." Well, okay, not EXACTLY like them... they were all human. Our ancestors were a mixture of species, mostly equine and human. As a result, we kids vary a lot.

An equine/human interracial family, full of centaurs and other odd mixes
I sketched these scenes when we migrated to the coast for summer, and at the midsummer clan picnic. We usually go to Northern California--surprisingly few tourists on the beaches, even in summer, and the locals are too stoned to make a fuss.
Our family reunion, on a beach in redwood country. We're a mixed bunch: horses, centaurs, humans, satyrs, and every imaginable blend.
I cheated for this one--drawn from a photo with a waterproof camera. My sketchbook would have gotten soaked.
In the surf, looking landward, toward a high wooded ridge. Foreground: three centauroids frolic in a green wave.
Here's a profile of my sister Equa. I guess it's obvious why she was named that. She got teased all through grade school--they called her horse-face.

I think she's beautiful.

My sister Equa, a centaur with an equine head but human forelegs.

She also says "Sometimes I got treated as if I must be stupid"--a problem those of us kids with more human faces didn't get so much. Ironic, because she's one of the smartest in the clan.

My sister Equa, a centaur with an equine head but human forelegs.
Below we have Tall Kate and her newest sex kitten, joined at the hip as usual. We all wonder how long she'll last. Well, maybe she will--I forget her name, but when I talked to her she seemed really nice, for once. Kate scores!

My friend Perissa, the skinny blonde on the right, was visiting from Rome. I bet her twenty we'd see the redhead kitten at the next reunion, but she wouldn't bet against me. Perissa must have liked her too...

An equine cousin with her redheaded cat/fox girlfriend, greeting Perissa, a blonde centaur.

Snapshot of Equa and our distant cousin Charlotte, who comes from the puma side of the family. Charlotte breeds fish. They fascinate her. Equa says it's genetic but I say if it was, she'd eat them. Treats them like her babies...

My centaur sister and catlike cousin, in a redwood clearing, at our family reunion.

My niece Lara was so cute, combing her stepsister Rose's tail. They're always so relaxed together, like one big body, a two-headed Roselara monster... Little Jamie, who's only ten, has a crush on them both and kept gawking, but was too shy to come down and join them, though they invited and teased...

In a sunny cove, a blonde human-legged centaur, combs the tail of her stepsister, a biped brunette.

I know I'm making it sound like the dreams are always idyllic. Not always, as the links below will show...

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