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Krelkins are beautiful beings I keep meeting in my dreams. They vary a bit, from big, maned, horse-tailed greyhoundlike creatures to hornless deer-sized unicorns with opposable thumbs. But they always have the same feel to them--friendly, sensual, humorous and highly intelligent. And, like human shamans, they like to roam between worlds! They're not Club Med-type tourists, either--they'll explore bizarre, dangerous, savage places. In fact, they like to slum. I mean, they'll even come here.

I suspect this dreamword "Krelkin" refers to the old movie "Forbidden Planet." It's about a lost race called the Krel, who invented a device that materialized their thoughts. They forgot about their dreams, and were destroyed the first night by (as a human explorer in the movie put it) "Monsters from the Id". I dunno. Some people sure have those. But not everyone. My dream-beings, my Krel-kin, seem pretty nice.


If you're looking for a BAND named The Krelkins, you almost found it. The band was named for these dream-creatures, and I'm in it. The Krelkins page has downloadable songs and contact info.

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CREATURE BECOMES CREATOR: by Wayan; 2015/2/5, three linked advisory dreams on world trends
A weird little forest god bred me from an ordinary deer into a creature who can
almost pass for human. But World War 2 killed my god, and now I'm growing into...
I AM NOT A MAN: by Wayan; 1996/11/28, a dream of Middle Earth.
I can help slay a monster and save my friends--if I deny I'm human.
My denial has grave consequences, but it's absolutelytrue...
IN THE SHADOW OF MAN: by Wayan; 1994/3/4, a dream on how to escape the cage
I'm a lab animal who discovers voice software and creates a personal zine, testifying for our rights...
JASHA EXPLAINS DEATH: by Wayan; ca. 1974/10/1; a 10-page painted comic with recurrent dream figures
Deep Duck's interview with Jasha the Krelkin goes rogue, as she urges tossing out human habits like... death?
KIOSK: by Wayan; 1994/5/1, a 4-page dreamcomic on the power of song (or illustrated text version)
I'm a sexy singing beast, the Krelkin, trying to lure the Reading Man out of his Moral Kiosk...
KRELKIN: by Wayan; 1974/10/9, on nonhuman figures recurring in dreams
My psychology professor insists that nature spirits faded away as science rose.
But I still dream of krelkins! Jasha is the one I know best...
KRELKIN AND KIOSK: by Wayan; dreamed 1994/5/1, sculpted 1999/8/31-12/11; a career-advice dream?
A sculpture of me as the sexy singing beast who lures the Reading Man out of his Moral Kiosk...
KRELKIN CONTEMPLATING: by Wayan; 1995/6/7 dream-figure sculpted 1998/7/17 in Paperclay
A small statue of this beautiful creature who keeps appearing in my dreams...
KRELKIN CAMOUFLAGE: by Wayan; 1981/4/21, 3 versions of recurring dream image
A sexy dream-creature hides by splitting her body visually,
her red mane and tail matching her background...
THE KRELKIN SISTERS ON MISSION ST: by Wayan; 1995/6/7, a dream of superior beings
I was walking in the Mission, in San Francisco, when two sisters came up to me who no one else could see...
A KRELKIN SMEARED: by Wayan; 1996/9/23; a dream of bold intervention .
I'm a slender, clever krelkin. I draw me, but then red rage erupts and I trash myself... can I be saved?
LUCID LIVING: by Wayan; 2007/4/8, a quasi-lucid dream of the future with 9 illustrations
Honesty induces a joyful state with lucidlike powers.
So I bike across the Lake of Time, open the book of my future, and see...
MY SINE-FRIEND: by Wayan; 1984/3/6, an emotional dream of time and rebirth.
An animal-girl I know lives like a sine-wave, first forward in time, then backwards, dying at every zero...
ONCE A HERO: by Wayan; 1998/10/22-25, 17 images, a raw dream-series.
Sexy dreams of Chinese archeology, authorized by the fairies, make me face that my family abused me...
RAZI AND THE HOLY WINO OF SHASTA: by Wayan; 1994/9/1, a redemptive epic dream
20,000 years from now, a deer-harpist named Razi finds the Holy Wino's not quite the ruin he seems...
SPHINX IN REPOSE (BLACK SPHINX): by Wayan; 1983; portrait of a dream-friend.
A sphinx with equine traits; probably a precursor of the Krelkin, a sphinxlike alien who befriended me later...
SQUIRREL GIRL: by Wayan; 1973/10/19, a dream poem of love & rockets
Squirrel Girl and I try to find a private room, but Hal the mad computer in 2001
spies on us and our spaceship captain orders us to clean the ion tubes...

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