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Squirrel Girl

Dreamed 1973/10/19 by Wayan

All fear the Monster in the wood
Except that girl in the russet hood:
She's seen him cower, sans his pair
Of fang-dogs.

The Hero tracks the Beast into light,
But dies tragically of garlic. So
The Monster must become Hero.
"Someone has to."

The house-people, Humanists all, trick
Squirrel Girl into leaving; they disdain
Her rodent strain. Declare her nuts.

Over the years, Monster-Hero becomes
Captain of the Eco-Corps.

Hero's return! In the Human Lodge, a lithe
Woman in the reception-line smiles cat-sly.
Purr and a promise in her eye.

But the Hero wed a Princess. Taken! Hood
Sees their plot and drawls "You must have
Many women now."

Caught reaching for candy, Hero longs
To snap "Someone has to." But he
Tells Hood--dulcetly--"Your redeeming light
Is honesty."

He stalks lodge-corridors, turning on
Lights as he passes, then off, to save.
Captain of the Eco-Corps!

But I'm not married to a Princess. So
Squirrel Girl and I find a bedroom. Yes!
No. That old mad

Machine-mind, Hal from 2001, is spying
Again. Red light on. And the floor's gone
Ridgy as accordion, or larvae big as beds:
Our ship's ion propulsion jets.
We'll make Jupiter soon!

Our captain, Chirang Faa, pads in. She's
A krelkin: deerlike, but with a lovely wild
Mane and equine tail. Cunning paws
And odd foresight. She

Orders us to ream one iffy ion jet.
"Yes, Captain!" we sing, and crawl
Into the tube and hose the inner wall.
Half a billion miles and no sex yet.

Oh, Chirang always knows what must be done.
And someone has to be the hero. But I'm
Not captain of the Eco-Corps; my
Redeeming light is honesty:

I'd rather be mounting Squirrel Girl.

Russet Hood. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Squirrel Girl. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Chirang Faa. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


Turning dream to poem, I skipped one scene--a bike crash, and a long dull walk to the bike shop for repairs. It said nothing new; all on that long wobbly hike, I still just wanted to be riding Squirrel Girl.


There's a Marvel comic about a chubby girl in a squirrel suit with Rodent Powers (Her motto: "Eats nuts, kicks butts!") But Steve Ditko created her only in 1990.

This dream, 17 years earlier, is not about that Squirrel Girl.

Squirrel Girl on a branch. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
My Squirrel Girl
Marvel comics character Squirrel Girl as drawn by Erica Henderson.
Clearly not my Squirrel Girl

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