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Dreamed 1981/4/21 by Chris Wayan

My housemate Kenny's been commissioned to do a stained glass window or a tapestry, but he can't think of a design, so he goes through my old pictures and finds a beautiful, sexy one I don't remember drawing: a white krelkin. Krelkins are dream beings I've met repeatedly: part deer, part grayhound, part horse, but with human intelligence--and then some.

dream image of a 'krelkin', a unicornlike being, blending into her environment
The design Kenny finds shows a white-pelted female krelkin on a red background, with a red mane and tail that whip zigzaggily across her body, the same color as the background, visually fragmenting her body into floating white shapes. With its bold negative spaces, it's like some Japanese clan banner.
Crayon drawing of white krelkin with red mane and tail, blending into a red background
It's the boldest, loudest camouflage I've ever seen! But effective. You can't easily see her body as a whole. And I want to. I find the krelkin... sexy. That tail's like a short skirt, teasing...

I wake knowing I have to draw this, probably several versions...

Krelkin with pale mane and tail blending into a white and blue sky. Crayon sketch of dream being by Wayan

I try, and slowly, as I draw, I try to draw her in the other sense too--draw her out, out of hiding. At last I sketch a full portrait--except that the wind blows that mane across her face, half-hiding it.

Still shy!

dream image of a 'krelkin', a shy feline/equine creature, crouched under a bare tree in the wind, her mane half-hiding her face.
I wonder how long that'll last?


All that year, such images filled my dreams: diverse beings, but each visually fragmented by hair, mane or tail the same color as the background. I think now they were warning me I wasn't seeing myself as whole, was fooling myself into thinking I was shattered--when I wasn't. Just a form of protective coloration! Examples: Blue Swimmer, Horse in a Tailwind.

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