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The Krelkin Sisters on Mission Street

Dreamed 1995/6/7, pencil drawing 1999, 18x24", by Chris Wayan

I'm walking in the Mission District when two sisters I know materialize on the street. No one else seems able to see them. I'm not surprised, I just feel a bit shy--I have a crush on them, but feel they're far above me. They aren't from this spacetime, they just visit us now and then. Slumming!

They're not humans of course, but krelkins: bodies like slender ponies, but very fine frizzy full blonde manes and tails, long-nosed faces like huge vegetarian foxes with high foreheads--brains larger than human--and clever paw-hand-feet, not hooves. I find them beautiful and exotic and wish I had the nerve to flirt with them.

Oval pencil drawing of two krelkins--furry, tailed, four-fingered aliens. Background: Mission and 24th St, San Francisco! Cafes, dance studios, a BART station, street artists. Click to enlarge.
"What you up to, Wayan?"

"Well, there's a mystery in spacetime I'm trying to solve--the Mystery of the Disappearing Hill."

They say "It sounds like fun--we can spare about, oh, five subjective hours to look." They can explore many times and places in that much subjective time. I lend them my old mechanical watch so they can keep track. They don't really need it of course, but they're intrigued--they assume it's mechanical to keep it from being influenced by magnetic field shifts, or the shockwaves of time travel, which often does disrupt microcircuitry. "It even fuels physically; you just shake it. A one-way ratchet winds a spring..." I don't tell them it was the only way watches were built when I was a kid--just reminds me how primitive we are.

I really don't want them to help me by flying around time, I want them to stay here and talk with me, or take me with them. We're friends because I'm a shaman, a spacetime flier like them--and because they just like me. But I'm still a lowbrow low-tech ignorant ape, and I know it. I'll feel even lonelier when they're gone.

Yet I'm glad they came at all. I don't know if the Krelkin sisters sense how much their visits mean to me, or if they do know, and politely hide it, wanting to keep things light, not wanting me to spoil it by forcing them to gently reject me...


Well! What a whiny mood! My self-image as a lowbrow low-tech ignorant ape may be true... but so? The Krelkin sisters crossed time and space to slum in America, just to see me! I assume brilliant, beautiful girls (of whatever species) won't want me even if they share my interests.

But after seeing the movie CRUMB, the evidence is, lots will. Women like ugly men, bizarre men, crazy men, even mean men. And vice versa. Intelligent creatures will fuck anything--anything interesting.

After all, my own sexual orientation isn't very human. It isn't bestiality either--at least the way media pundits characterize it: an attraction to simple instinctive sexuality, submission, muteness (inability to gossip?), and a lack of brains. Basically similar to child molesters! Just the opposite for me--I'm turned on by brains, spirit, independence... and I read some animals besides humans as "my species". Bestiality? The Krelkin sisters (and other dream beings I've met) make humans look bestial. Most humans, anyway.

R. Crumb on a Mission St bench. A female krelkin, a furry alien from my dreams, peeks at his drawing. Across the street his brother Max sits on a bed of nails, painting surrealist faces. Click to enlarge.
The artist sketching away isn't me, but cartoonist Robert Crumb; the painter on the bed of nails across the street is his brother Max. In CRUMB Robert sketches passers-by from a Mission St cafe table, catching with a merciless eye the ugliness I too see around me but haven't got the heart to draw (but it's why I don't hang on the street much)...

I'm most intimidated (and least dated!) by privileged girls who lack a touch of Crumb: no deep pain, no insecurity, no secret shame. Maybe the Krelkins symbolize human girls blessed (and cursed) by freedom and happiness.

Girl sits on a wall by a BART station entrance, teasing a gull with her sandwich. It's changed since I drew this. There's a spiked 'safety' wall there now, so people can't sit. Progress!
The last woman I got seriously involved with fit my sexual fantasies as well as a human could, being brilliant, intuitive, and crazy. I've held back from many attractive girls in my dance classes because they're too human. I shouldn't take these dreams as symbolic but literal! I'm as attracted to the horses on Ocean Beach as the women who ride them. More if the women are boring... I should look for other shamans, girls with strange feral streaks--and in my dreams, seek a nonhuman spirit wife, not just guidance. I've been as timid in dreams as waking life!

As above, so below.

Krelkin sister smiling, holding an alien flower. In the background, religious nut with megaphone.  Click to enlarge.

"Krelkin" is probably just my own dream-name for them--I often forget dream-names when I wake. I suspect my unconscious chose this nickname, and that it means "kin to the Krel." In the 1950s sci-fi film Forbidden Planet, the Krel were brilliant creatures who invented a device that materializes all wishes--but forgot about their dreams. The all died in a single night, slain by "monsters from the Id". Soon after seeing the film, I dreamed of a Krel device that materialized my own monsters from the Id... and they were really sweet. Nothing to fear.

Like their Krel kin.

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