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Dreamed 1988/1/12 by Chris Wayan


I was reading Shirley MacLaine's "Living in the Light." She says souls in human bodies are like gods driving round in clunkers. Our spirits can pull us into things our bodies can't yet handle. Her advice: go forward--but don't exceed your personal speed limit. Body speed.

THAT NIGHT A centaur peels apart into a unicorn and a faun-like hoofed girl--and the parts argue! Dream sketch by Wayan; click to enlarge.

I dream of a statue of Silky, my familiar. Tonight she's a centaur-girl. But she's blurry and confusing at first. The harder I look the more I see another figure mixed in with her--a young unicorn. Slowly I disentangle them, till I realize they're making love--the unicorn reared up on Silky's back, his neck twined around her torso, his horn rising from behind her head...

What seemed to be one murky figure turns out to be very clear--just double!

And then this too feels like a blurring-together of a more complex truth, and I reach out and find the two figures are like soft clay statues more than flesh; but they seem to WANT to come apart. They fall into a different tableau: the unicorn balking reluctantly as Silky tugs him forward. She's an incomplete centaur now, just a human torso and front legs torn out of the unicorn. She's waiting for me to add a full horse-body added, hind legs and tail... or at least to have her sawed-off butt rounded and tailed so she'll be a satyr-girl! Or even HUMAN, as a last resort--something, anything! A serious makeover is in order.

But Silky doesn't seems to be in pain--she's too busy arguing. She tugs at the Unicorn's neck and yells "Time to move forward!" But he balks and trumpets "Not yet! Not safe!"

As I wake, my hands twitching with the urge to add the clay to make her whole, they're still arguing...


Uh-oh. I've been confusing two arguing sides for one undecided creature.

I'm not indecisive!

Just... incomplete. And split until I'm finished.

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