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Dreamed 2003/4/22? by Wolf Nymph (Katie Hofgard)


I dreamt I was a Cattaur, and when I woke I just had to draw myself as one.

My dream self, a 'chakat'--a cat-centauroid, with leonine pelt, face, and main torso, but humanoid hair, forearms, and breasts. Shown in profile facing left, I'm female, tawny-backed with a white belly and long loose brown hair; on my upper torso, I'm wearing a red vest lacing loosely up the side; just fur elsewhere.



Bernard Doove coined the name 'chakat" for his version of feline centauroids, and it's been picked up by the whole furry community online; hence Katie's title for the dream.

I've asked Katie to look and see if she wrote down any details of the dream, but it may take a while--she's a busy artist (as you'll see if you look at explore her other work here and on her own site)...

--Chris Wayan

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