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Chidi and Pony-Mistress

Dreamed 2019/9/25 by Wayan

Chidi from 'The Good Place' spray-painted maroon/cerise/plum color. Altered photo illustrating dream by Wayan.

I meet Chidi, the ethics professor from The Good Place. Only... he's turned cerise or deep magenta, almost plum. Weird looking--people come in lots of colors, but not this. And unlike melanin or sunburn, it's an even tone, even his palms and soles maroon. Like he's been spray-painted!

But the professor acts as if he's always been this way. As if everyone's spray-painted random colors...

He tells me "I'm in love. It may be just a spell, but I have no choice."

I guess we'll find out. Here comes his girlfriend...

Weird! She comes in a little pony-driven cart like a miniature Conestoga wagon. She's in the middle of a whole herd of ponies, skinny and small. They have odd, diverse manes in strange colors--very My Little Pony, but more buzzcuts, mohawks and zebroid manes than that TV show's generally femme styles. And they keep their tails bobbed or tied, revealing lean butts and long legs.

Curiously, the very cutest ponies are in the middle of the herd around the carriage. Round them huddle dumpier wannabes; real uglies orbit, Plutos far from the sun of her regard.

Maybe it is an attractiveness spell... one that spills over onto others.

Chidi's love, the Mistress of the Herd, looks as strange as him. Stranger. A brown girl with a huge wedge of curly maroon/auburn hair; like the ponies of her herd or a Minoan statuette, she's slender & small, with huge eyes and an upturned nose/snout and no chin--in fact, she's basically a pony herself, reared upright.

I find her face cute one second, funny-looking the next. But her aura is consistently compelling.

Am I sensing what pulled Chidi in? Is it what lets her rule the herd? What IS that?

And... can I develop it?

The Mistress of Ponies and her herd; dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Equines near the Mistress of the Herd are pretty; farther out they're plain; farther still, ugly. Dream sketch by Wayan.

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