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Dreamed 1980/6/1 by Chris Wayan

I'm locked in a fight with a pushy man made of wet clay. Cut and tear his flesh over and over. I get so I can beat him consistently, but his clay flesh just keeps reforming. I have to spend all my time at it, must always be on guard.

At last I think: "If I turn around, he won't be resisting me but supporting me, pushing me forward. And with soft clay arms, he'll mold to my back and massage it, relaxing my tension!"


I think the clay man is my fear. I'm a nervous creature, and I've tried hard to suppress my fears. Only temporarily!

But what I'm wrong about them? If I took all my fears seriously--treated them as legitimate inner objections? If I lean INTO them, instead of suppressing them... might they actually turn out to be a kind of support?

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