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Colt Taboos

Dreamed 1972/3/27 by Chris Wayan

I dream I make love in a castle moat with a talking colt.

I wake up and walk around the castle. At first, it all seems normal, but looking down on the moat, there are half a dozen colts standing in it, absolutely still.

No... they're statues. False colts, decoys! Who put them there?

I go down stairs and walk round the moat-rim, searching among the effigies for my friend, the real Colt.

I spot Colt at last, wading in the moat, sniffing at his one of his doubles. I call to him, "Who put these here? Did you see?"

He answers "No, they were just here when I woke up..."

I run down the stair and wade into the water. Lean on him, start petting him. He's so much nicer than a cold statue. Mmm, I get turned on... and massage him in more intimate places.

I get an erection. I don't care who's watching from the castle towers--I slosh around to his haunches, reach under his tail... and guide the tip of my cock to his ass. He opens for me and I thrust inside him. It's easy--nearly the size of a human girl's vagina, just a little tighter. A grown stallion or mare would be too big, and too tall to reach. But he's just right.

The colt likes the feeling and gets an erection too; I lean forward and half-lie on his hindquarters, putting my arms around the shivery sensitive skin of his belly, and massaging his penis, already bigger than any human's. I shove and shove, kicking the water, pushing deep inside him. Love the feeling. I come inside him. Soon after, he spurts in pleasure, spattering into the moat, like white calligraphy in the pea-green water.

So easy and innocent. Why isn't all love like this?

Lying dreamily on his back, I remember thinking "Hmm, homosexual pedophilic bestiality, this breaks a lot of taboos at once, doesn't it? Very... economical."

And then woke, blinking in surprise.

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