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Crayon, 1994, by Chris Wayan

My friend Zooop taught me this technique: kid's crayons onto hot paper. She uses an old bun warmer from a thrift store to heat the paper just enough to melt the wax as she scribbles, so it mixes and swirls like the softest oil-pastels. But it cools and dries almost instantly, so it doesn't smear or shed like true pastels--no toxic fixatives needed!

Scribbly underwater scene of fish and a naiad (a river spirit).

Crayon doodle of a naiad (water spirit) and fish.
I've been adding some parts cold, for textural contrast. The grays and browns are really silver and bronze; the color's intense, far more saturated than these photos can show. The effect is halfway between drawing and painting. These are crude first experiments, but I included them for the sake of the technique, which is fun. Unless you're allergic to hot wax...

Sketch of a meditator in red-orange and silver.

Crayon sketch of a meditator in red-orange.
Well, try the technique. Just because I take bad photos is no excuse...

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