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Dreamed 2001/11/30, written 7:51 pm (life in the twilight zone) by Scottopic

I went to sleep, mild fever.
Did one of those half-wake-up things about two hours ago, just as it was darkening.
Felt my cat on my legs, warm, breathing. I reached down to pet her... view of her blocked by the comforter.
Ruffled her fur for a bit, felt her shift, scratch an itch, twist.
I settled back down a little bit, nestled into my pillow, still scratching her.
My eyes catch something briefly in the haziness:
my cat, sitting on my computer monitor.

What is on my legs?

I can't bring myself to look. I'm suddenly seven again, afraid to make a noise, even the little clicking sound with my tongue which would bring Persephone over to me.
Weight shifts again. I realize it's bigger than she would be.
A little noise is made. Persephone begins to stumble off the monitor.
Weight on my legs shifts again.
Holding my breath this whole time.
Weight suddenly gone off my legs as Persephone makes a little agitated miaouw and hops on the bed.
Something hits the wall.

I sit up. Persephone curls in my lap, looking at the wall by my bed, where the noise was.
All the doors and closets are shut.
I finally build up the nerve to get out of bed, turn on the light, look under furniture.

Doubt I'll be back to sleep for a while.

current mood: creeped.



The mood of this dream surprised me. By that I mean, Scottopic could just as easily have welcomed the thing, or been merely curious. Intruder though it was, it seems friendly enough; just wants to sleep on his bed. The creepiness Scott feels seems more about the impossibility of its entry than its nature. Those who have met ghosts describe a prickling unease; this seems akin.

The territorial reaction of Persephone, on the other hand, WAS inevitable. Whatever the intruder was, no matter how much bigger, it had no right to get in bed with Persephone's pet human. Cats!

This dream is from Weremonkey's Lair, a small dream-library (see Kindred Sites). Permission requested. No answer! Are you out there, Scottopic?

--Chris Wayan

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