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Crescent Cat

Dreamed 2011/2/17 by Chris Wayan

cliff, crescent moon, catperson; actryl brushpainting by Chris Wayan. Click to enlarge.


A few days back I painted a sketch of a cliff and a crescent moon echoing the shape of the wood panel it's on. Looked good, but a little empty.

Today, I suddenly find myself drawing in one figure, a fox/cat girl whose white belly echoes the crescents of the panel and moon. Yes. She seems to fit.

More? Or is it done now?


I'm in an art class in a crowded two-floor complex. I go through a stack of old art, but find a recent project--a furry watercolor comic with a fox-girl and a unicorn, as if Hiroshige drew Terri Smith's furry comic "Xanadu".

Colorscheme of the painted panels: full color but all except true blue suffused with paper's warm yellowish beige. Looks very rich despite moderate contrast--few darks, all medium to white.

I've only painted every other panel, leaving half of them bare paper, a warm offwhite. And only 4 or 6 per page, so it's less a checkerboard than an open architecture. Like a city full of parks.

Do I intend to fill it in? Start to doubt I should. Looks good half-empty! Zen toon. Leave it so.


ACTION: the dream has spoken. Declare that painting done.

ACTION: open up my comix, too! More open spaces. Because those dream-comix looked better than my waking work.

2015 NOTE

I included this piece to show how even my nondream art gets vetted by my dreams. Often they do suggest changes, making the resulting art clearly dream-influenced.

But what of pieces like this, where my dreams say "leave well enough alone"? Surely approval and "enough is enough" is as vital a critique as disapproval and forced revision! Yet I tend to undervalue, even fail to credit such dreams--dreams saying yes, not no.

Do you?

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