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Dreamed 1992/1/31 by Chris Wayan


In our dream group, Vera flirts with me. I feel uncomfortable. See, Vera's face is full of tension, radiates something creepy and wrong for me. Her face, and the mind behind it! I can't name it, but I can't see her as a lover. Yet I feel almost OBLIGED to respond, as if I'd be rude not to! Especially after Cameron says "Vera has a great body!" Innocent remark, or is Cam playing matchmaker? Did Vera ask her to help land me? I feel suspicious--ganged up on.

And guilty for not going along. What's so terrible about Vera? Why won't I even give her a chance?


I meet a witch girl with a great body but a bad head. I like witches, but she's wrong from the neck up. Now, Bad-Head has ambitions. She plans to use me as her love slave. Bad-Head chants spells, swaying me... I feel an urge to agree to marry her even when I KNOW she'll dominate me totally with her spells. Cheesy, sleazy, embarrassing spells.

Finally, rather than fight the compulsion to become her sex slave, I retreat into Zen Surrender--just focus on each moment. Bad Head leads me to bed... to my parents' bed! Oh, yuck!

Bad Head pulls me to her and says "Get on your knees and lick me!" I can't resist with my WILL, but I CAN say "No, first I want to fuck you like THIS" and grab her and very slowly slide my cock a little way in. This gets her quite excited, this slow teasing, and keeps my head further from her aura, so it clears a bit.

As her energy and attention focuses on her body, the badness in her head suffers a sort of power drain.

Wow, a local brownout!

That's the answer! I can cure her, by following my inner urges instead of serving her! Her body is quite sane, so if she starts living in her body... I can free myself and heal her, if I only find the courage to be selfish. To stay in MY body.

I guess, in a way, I have a bad head of my own that I need to short-circuit. That's what she came to teach me.

And now, I know how.

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