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Dreamed 2008/3/24 by Wayan; Dreamverse #39

I try a CD of a local band that someone gave me, but I don't like it. Switch to the radio. Surf a long time, nothing fun. At last I find a pop song I like. Mostly storytelling--folk plus rap? Poetry slam? Anyway... a high school student in Marin County, California, who styles herself Miss Julie Brown, tells us:

Sketch of a dream figure: A Marin high school student holding her new library card. Her tanktop is stamped DISCARD. Click to enlarge.

The yuplings here at Jane Austen High
teased me "You are SUCH a cliché--
a black girl, never cracked a book!"
So I got a library card, and I

Found a foul secret in the stacks:
No space for new, so our school whacks
a book for every one they buy!
How do they choose what books'll die?

Stamp them DISCARD for the crime
of unpopularity. Pulled from cir-
culation, keep us vanilla-pure
of ideas and other wastes of time.

And once you got a card says in,
if you lack pop appeal, can't mix--
you get stamped, and all the cliques
know who's Marout in Marin.

So I'm a Discard! Read, live, be,
hang with Discards. Teeth will gnash.
But unpopularity filters out
so... much... trash!

Four books stamped DISCARD: Unsexy Cover by Old Woman, Difficult Skill by Maestro Drill, Complex Concepts by Geek Boy, and Fancy Vocabulary by Dead White Whale

I wish I could remember her rap word for word--it was flowing and funny and just plain better than this. But this was the gist.


--Chris Wayan

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