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Dreamish Heart

1983/8/15ish poem by Wayan
To the brave who act on dreams. Unlike me.

Cool dreams and summer heat
Like swim and sand-beach alternate.

Transcendent under sleep, but when
I try to act in day on them,
I'm buried in hot guilt. Skin crawls,
Burning me where salt congeals.

Dreams stack up like pages, each
translucent, light, but as they mass,
dense, opaque. In sinus-caves
the dusty dream-load swells & throbs
uninterpreted. Misgrasped.

Unsolved murders to a cop;
Mute children to a singer;
Church-leavers to a priest.

Turn my weasel eyes
From troubling advice.

I admire the dreamish art;
deny the dreamish heart.

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