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Dreamku, April 2007

Dreamed various times up to April 2007 by Roswila [aka: Patricia Kelly]


It was a pleasant surprise on reading these over as a group to see how many indicate an awareness of a need for change, for letting go, and even in some a strength and determination. It's been an intense month, to say the least, with not only my internal "mishigoss" going on, but a wonderful (and understandably dithering) roommate preparing to be married, and then moving out. LOL!

My favorite this month is:

black sea trenches
the pirate captain urges
reclaiming one's own
Yes. That is what I'm about these days. Reclaiming lost or tossed away or stolen aspects of myself from whatever darkness or deep in which they turn and agitate. Whether sweet or sour, nice or naughty, amenable or ferocious, "[g]reat or small, you furnish your parts toward the soul" (as Whitman says at the end of "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry").

April 1, 2007

(three from a dream of 3/31/07)

the two ghosts move in again

these old haunts
should pay toward their upkeep
fair is fair!

acceptance or this
draining demand for justice
the razor's edge

April 2, 2007

two large digs
he asks which mound held
this ancient artifact

April 3, 2007

(from dreams in March & early April 2007)

lesson one
her troubled son
is now in my lap

lesson two
his friend's illness
swamps me

lesson three
we don't have to follow
along in these lines

lesson four
she wears sparkly hose
on her huge legs

lesson five
my friend casually drinks
diamond dust

lesson six
they collage the inside
of a glass vase

lesson seven
dying, living
it's all art

April 4, 2007

dozens of billboards
the dark sadness
of clowns

April 5, 2007

the henchwoman
stares her target down
killer eyes

April 6, 2007

black sea trenches
the pirate captain urges
reclaiming one's own

April 7, 2007

on the other show
she's in a love triangle
cuckolded actress

April 8, 2007

all gussied up
Billy Holiday sings
right next to me

April 9, 2007

The Empress cradles
Death in Her wide lap

Both The Empress and Death are Tarot cards

April 10, 2007

futile attacks
they throw lit matches at me
from the terrace

April 11, 2007

she sees beneath
the ceramic surface
living clay

April 12, 2007

she shares her dream
two dark images shimmer
with promise

April 13, 2007

future plans
she offers to show me
her new eye

April 14, 2007

crossing over
the long metal pole
just misses her eye

April 15, 2007

dead or stolen
tiny dots reseed
the aquarium

April 16, 2007

old friends traipse
heavily through the dream
last ditch effort

April 17, 2007

huge dark worms
crawl in through the windows
no way out

I was reminded of this childhood nightmare and the dreamku I wrote about it some time ago, when I first heard of the Virginia Tech shootings yesterday. My prayers are with all those hurt by this horrible tragedy.

April 18, 2007

the provenance claims
the rifle's wood is ancient
cheap shots

April 19, 2007

I follow tiny
volkswagens down the hillside
border check

April 20, 2007

you can't multiply
6 X R for the road

April 21, 2007

the butterfly bracelet
iron spine

April 22, 2007

high spirits
I push the handicapped man
on his scooter

April 23, 2007

she buys bright flowers
for our room

April 24, 2007

exposed...her green-skinned wicked witch

April 25, 2007

her father walks her
to her new home
lost key

April 26, 2007

my forefingers stuck
in the woven puzzle tube
out is not the way

April 27, 2007

they let me believe
that he was dead

April 30, 2007

April 28, 2007

scales resolve
back into flesh

April 29, 2007

baby owls
hatch behind the couch
what to feed them

'til next time, keep dreaming,



On Roswila's own site, these dreamku were posted in one endless column. I have experimented here with pasting them into a rough calendar form. Lengths vary, so the grid is not too strict, but it does visually hint at the dialogue between dreams and poems, over a week's span or more, that (I think) happens as Roswila writes.

--Chris Wayan

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