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1999, sculpture, mixed media, 14" by Chris Wayan

Started as a test figure for the more elaborate dream-sculpture CAMBODIAN GIRL, but then it went off on its own...

An Elven dancer leaping, in blue cloak; a hanging sculpture. Click to enlarge.
I'd been reading Francesca Lia Block's wonderful I WAS A TEENAGE FAIRY, and it definitely influenced me.
close-up of Elven-dancer in blue cloak; a hanging sculpture. Click to enlarge.
The cloak is silk of course, but for the body...

I used a technique invented by Dawn Z., a sculptor friend of mine: coathanger bones, tinfoil for deep muscles, then plasticine for a smooth surface. Wash it in cold soapy water to strip off the surface oil, then paint with thickened wood glue or Elmer's glue, which becomes a hard shell around the softer clay. Then you paint a few layers of acrylic skin. The result ain't bronze but it's smoother than papier-mache, cheaper than Paperclay, and needs no firing like ceramic (tougher, too).

Only after i finished the piece did I realize it looks a bit like Dawn as well...

Elven-dancer from the back; a hanging sculpture

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