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Empress and Pig

Dreamed 2006/10/10 by Douglas Williams

I was biking around, scouting for a new location for my music store. I rode south, to Baseline, a street that runs east and west (a real street). I came to a nice little quaint neighborhood, the kind that doesn't really exist around here anymore. In front of one house was... a pig? Yes. A pet pig. And it seemed to want me to follow it.

It led me around to the back porch, where some women were sitting at a table. I sat down with one lady to my right and one sitting across from me. The one on my right was nice looking, very attractive to me. We talked a bit. She seemed my type and was very friendly. She was into the arts, and sang part of an old Country song. I told her "I loved retro Country; I used to have a band that played it."

She asked me "What were they called?"

"The Lawnmowers."

She said "I'm surprised such a style would be popular."

"Well, you had to hear how we did it."

She seemed quite interested in me romantically. "What's your name?" she asked.

"Douglas Williams. I own a music store."

She gave me her card.

I did spoke to the other woman too, asking her name. She answered, but I can't recall what. I was trying to be polite, so as to not ignore her, but it was plain to all that I liked the other lady.

The pig popped out again. Everyone laughed. My guide had arrived, I guess. I left.

Later, I tried to find my way back. I looked at her card and was glad to see that she'd written her phone number on it. That's all I can remember.


I asked Our Lady to use the Tarot to show me a card that would help me understand who the lady was who sang the song in my dream. The card I drew was The Empress (traditionally, a card of love and fertility).

Thinking back, the highlight of the dream for me was when I spoke my name to her. It was as if there was something special about this. I was aware in the dream it had power... almost as if by speaking my name something magical was being accomplished.

--Douglas Williams


I've experienced this too; names in dreams can be as powerful as in fairytales. Sometimes even just saying a thing rightly (after fumbling all around it) will cause a click, as if you've put a program into motion. Maybe you have.

I do wonder if the Tarot was right and she was an aspect of the Goddess--Venus, basically. In a way that'd explain your sense that naming yourself to her was important--a sort of a prayer, really, or dedication to her.

But then, being the low character I am, I also wonder who that other character was. Not the other woman--the pig! Who drew your attention, got you to stop, led you to her... detoured you from business to love. And you were glad of it. So who the heck is that pig, in your life?

--Chris Wayan

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